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​분원리 복합건물

The site occupies the base of a sloped hillside and directly borders the confluence of the north and south tributaries of the Han River. 

From the start of the project, the natural landscape was the focus of the project.  In order to maximize connection to the river to its North, the building stretches east-west.  Floor-to-ceiling glazing and folding windows cover the facades that face the river.  The push/pull of floor plates between floors breaks down the mass of the structure to create a sense of play and intrigue.  It also introduces a series of cascading terraces that open out onto the river and allow visitors and residents on each floor to experience the magnificent views of the rivers and mountains.

The building houses a restaurant and cafe on the first and second floors, a private library on the third floor, and a residence on the fourth floor.  Terraced landscaping takes advantage of the natural slope of the site, connecting the restaurant and cafe on the first two floors and providing outdoor areas for seating and activities.



Design Team:  



Site Area:

Gross Area: 




Bunwonri, Kwangju, Kyounggido, Korea

Gusang Architectural Group

Min Soh, Jin Hee Cho, Isaiah Yoon,

Changhyun Ahn

Gusang Architectural Group

1,216 m2

1,031.16 m2

4 Floors

March 2018

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