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​누하동 한옥

Tucked away at the end of a narrow alleyway in the Nuhadong neighborhood west of Gyeongbok Palace, this traditional hanok undergoes its third renovation.  The new owner wished to turn the old house into a holistic retreat for guests.  And in line with its new function, the desire was to break with tradition while maintaining the original structure and footprint.  The hanok is altered through minimal interventions.  New forms and materials are carefully inserted within the existing architecture to transform the house.


Exterior and interior walls are removed in order to expose the wooden structure.  A series of floor-to-ceiling glazing and sliding/pivoting glass doors replaces the old facade enclosing the small courtyard.  The aluminum frame and glazing system is placed outside the columns in order to remain separate from the existing architecture.   From the courtyard, the wooden columns stand prominently exposed behind a glass showcase.  At the entrance, a new minimal wooden door design, surrounded by a protruding aluminum frame, signals to the onlooker that the unexpected lies beyond.

Inside the building, simple dropped ceilings with a playful series of openings replaces the exposed ceilings usually seen in hanoks.  Custom made vertical wood slats and dark wood veneer anchor the interior walls and furniture. 


Design Team:  


Site Area:

Gross Area: 



Nuhadong, Jongro-gu, Seoul

Min Soh, Isaiah Yoon

Gusang Architectural Group 

Seoyeong Steel (Sangduk Ahn)

Standard.a (Yunha Ryu)


105.80 m2

58 m2

December 2019

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